A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Cherry Creek is a relaxing tile-rotating puzzle game for Windows, with prototype versions available for Mac and Linux.  This is a free demo, designed to give you a feel for the game, and to help iron out any issues before release.

We would appreciate any feedback you have, either about gameplay or technical issues.  The Mac & Linux builds are experimental, so feedback on these would be especially appreciated.

We finished the work on this demo as part of the Finally Finish Something game jam, in January 2018.

We are also keen on keeping the game as accessible as we can, so please let us know if the controls or the colour-scheme could be improved.

Install instructions

WINDOWS: Extract the zip file to your desired location, and run the application file from the main folder (it will either be called NW.exe or Cherry Creek Demo.exe)

MAC: Extract the zip file and drag the cherrycreekdemo.app folder to your Apps folder


CherryCreekDemo_win64.zip 64 MB
CherryCreekDemo_win32.zip 60 MB
CherryCreekDemo_osx64.zip 77 MB
CherryCreekDemo_linux64.zip 69 MB
CherryCreekDemo_linux32.zip 72 MB


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Lovely puzzles, can't wait for the full release. :) 


Forgot to say thanks for the video.  The full release is still happening, getting closer now so should be before the end of the year.

Sweet, bring on 1.0! :)