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loved the 0-30 minutes i spent playing it. really atmospheric. loved it.

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Solid little game. Most rewarding aspect to it, is the atmosphere and the underlying narrative theme, having some mythological roots. That always works for us, humans. Gameplay feels fluent enough, albeit it could be confusing if to miss out on anything, while the info-boxes, disappear too shortly. No real puzzles are present but I guess simply being part of the world, part of this dream to take off to distant shores, is the thing which magnetizes the most. Great soundtrack by the way.

Like the atmosphere! Wish there was more to it though!

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HM. I think I found a bug: In chapter 4, I was able to go all the way to the left, and dropped off the screen (there's a bar at the bottom I was able to see as I press left or right, but couldn't see my character, and couldn't seem to do anything else).

Also couldn't figure out what  to do at  that part before that -- couldn't QUITE make it onto the ledge at the far right either. I'll give it another go.

That aside, very nice game. :)


Yup, after another try of NOT going  off that left ledge of doom, I figured it out and finished the game. Solid stuff. :)

Glad you liked it, I thought I had fixed all the issues with walking off the level, but I guess you found a way!  Once the judging for Ludum Dare is over I will fix that gap so you can't fall out of the world.  Thanks for playing.


I took that as a secret ending. Because all farewells are sudden ;).


I really enjoyed your game, but I couldn't figure out how to continue after getting the key from the mine and the one from the village. The keys only allowed me to enter the second house, not the third and fourth. I also didn't understand how to open the hatch of the space ship.

It seemed like there was another part to the left that was only accessible once the water had risen, but I could go there. I suppose this was because of a lack of time.

Hi, thanks for playing.  The 2 blue keys should both open houses.  You need to walk up to the door of the house and press interact to unlock the houses.  There were a few areas I didn't have time to do much with, but the game can definitely be completed.