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yo second dimension you forgot to add the drill part XD


Hey Second Dimension

Is There By Any Chance To Download This I Like This Game A Lot Pretty Please

Hi, glad you like the game.  We tend to just leave our game jam entries alone and move onto doing new projects, so unlikely to go back to this one (sorry!), plus we're working on releasing something small on Steam, so that's taking up all our time.  Thank you playing though

Hey @ThunderBolt64, I actually just realised that if you download the app then you can install the game locally anyway.  Maybe try that?


Fun but the game can become unplayable:
In level 03, start a flyby. The camera does not fully return to match the start/test zone. Click TEST with a rocketless robot and the core drops to the ground, and the "END TEST" button goes off screen.

Hey, thanks for pointing this out.  We don't usually go back to our game jam entries, but I will try and look into this at some point, as it sounds like it could break the game.  Sorry!


i saw gaming ftl play this and that's what brought me to your channel. I was thrilled to see i could play in browser because i have a school issued chromebook and can't download games. Keep making great games (preferably browser.)

That was a fun FTL video, we watched it too.  We'll aim to make a browser game every Ludum Dare game jam forever!