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for me it just breaks :(


Same here. It just shows a black screen :(


This was super cute and fun, for a little while. Using a trackpad made my little guy pretty ham-handed. lol

love i

I love Second Dimension stuff ~ ^^


same. all their games have brilliant ideas behind them. they make the games i want to make.

Thanks everyone,  we only do this in our spare time so really nice that people like our games


if youre going to update this game any more i think it would be nice if you could add some sort of outline or something to the orders or just change the color of the order papers because sometimes its really tricky to see the shape of orders for white pots...

I think that's a fair comment, but we tend not to update games we made for game jams. We tend to leave them with all the original problems! Thanks for playing


i survive the day by creating
Cracked Happy Birthday Cake sold for $504

Perfect fish bone (i click everything after decided size of my pot) sold of $1771

Perfect something at least look like the picture :) sold for $2000s

learning curve for this game is alright (approve)


Super interesting!

Thank you!


i wish you only had one hand carving and a garbage can if you messed up but other than its fun


Garbage can is a good idea, I might add that in if I do an more work on the game


it is so fun, the only problem I have is the white clay designs usually blend into the paper so its very hard to shape them, other than that its very addictive, reminds me of pasportouire

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.  I agree the white designs are harder to see, may try and change that at some point


It is adorable! Enjoyed it for a good 40 minutes!

Thank you so much! Glad you liked it