"You throw a shoe at an angry bee, these are not the actions of a normal person" (Quote from Infini-Quest, 2014)

Here is my entry for the Procedural Generation Jam!  It is a text adventure, with all of it's elements randomly generated based on a set of rules.  It gets very silly very fast, so hopefully it will make you smile.  Instructions are in-game, but more below if you want them.

If you have trouble viewing this here then please try playing the version on my site at www.seconddimension.co.uk/games/InfiniQuest/index.htm

The basic idea is that you are a random adventurer, and you have certain items and skills.  These are represented on teh left of the screen by coloured buttons.  The right of the screen shows you current location, and icons that represent what you can see.  These are in categories of building, scenery, obstacle, item, creature, NPC, danger and exit.  All of these things are randomly generated from a pool of about 300.

To play the game, drag something from the left onto an icon on the right.  The game tries to figure out the interaction and give an outcome.  I had to try and write around 8,000 interaction, so please forgive me if not all of them work!
You end up either finding the quest item, or dying in the process.  There's no real challenge to the game, it's just meant to be a bit of fun. Enjoy!

I made the game and the music over the past week, my friend James did the graphics for me.  I'm on Twitter @seconddimension 

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Published1 year ago
AuthorSecond Dimension Games
GenreRole Playing
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