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"You closely examine a mysterious book. You know there is no place in heaven for you now."


This is gold. Thank you for making this! <3


Haha thanks, I made this 8 years ago! It's still on my list for a sequel, maybe one day...


I'm glad to have played this game.

Thank you, it's a lovely game.

Glad you enjoyed it!


This game is pretty amusing! A thief stole from me twice, I lost my coins, but I gained many new skills and I eventually finished my quest. It's a simple but fun random adventure, I would love to see a more fleshed out version of this concept!


Thank you, I have been trying to make a bigger version of this game for the past 7 years, and I'm still working on it!  Maybe one day I will finish it...

I'm working on a text adventure too. I'm pretty green though, and it's in WPF but hopefully someday it will be fun anyway. Is your repo public? I'd be interested to check it out!

I'm afraid I lost all the original files for this game about 2 PCs ago !


Funny game!

(SPOILER -> The best ending for your character is if you ignore everything and only travel, however the most fun ending is not necessarily the best <- SPOILER)

Thanks, and it only took me 222 days to reply!  You're right about the easiest way to win the game, although I always found it funnier to die whilst attempting to discuss art with an angry bee.