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Midnight Fields was made in about a month for the Finally Finish Something game jam, and was originally released in January 2017. It's a fast paced top-down shooter, with an ammo mixing system that results in many possible weapon combinations. It also features rising difficulty, random level sequences and procedural poems.

This game was made for FFSjam, and the theme of the jam was to finish something you've been working on for a long time. This game had gone through more than 30 different prototypes and versions over a number of years, and we just never seemed to get it finished. We hosted the FFSjam ourselves to help other devs with this exact problem, and we were also able to get this project finished at long last.

It's a fairly traditional top-down shooter, controller in a twin-stick on the gamepad, or with WASD and Mouse. It also supports various European keyboard layouts. The controls are all explained in-game.

The ultimate aim of the game is based around beating your high score, so there is no set ending, the game will just continue to get harder as you progress. Each level has 5 skulls hidden somewhere, and once you find these the exit door will appear. Get to the exit door quickly, and don't try to destroy the big spinning head - they are practically invincible and won't stop chasing you until you leave!

James Edge Adam
Art, Design
& Animation
Sound & Music
Art, Design

NOTE: Procedural Poems Provided by Pete


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Hey this is super fun! Well done


Lol I accidentally called myself PPPPPPPPP and I didn't change it because, "Who cares??" but then I got the highest score.

Good game

Thanks.  When I was testing it I got so bored trying to think of different names for the leader, so I called myself so many random things


Wrote about this over here!


Thanks for that, I think it's very fair write-up. I hate the turning as well, I basically got it to feel quite nice for slight turns, but really bad if you completely change direction. Kept meaning to go back and fix it but just ran out of time. I'm a lot better at platformer movement than top-down shooters, definitely need more practice!


Cool game, guys! I LOVED it! :D

Thanks!  Be even better if the developer didn't take a year to reply to comments!