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Not Alone was made in 4 weeks for the Pixel Horror Jam, and was originally released in October 2016. It's set on a damaged spaceship, where you're trapped on board with a single indestructible alien creature. You need to keep things running just long enough to reach the nearby space station and escape to freedom.

The brief for Pixel Horror Jam was to make a horror game with some form of story, and present it using pixel-style graphics. We ended up going with a homage to films like Alien, setting the game on a badly damaged ship and pitting you against a creature you could only avoid, not completely kill. Scheduling issues and last minute bugs mean it isn't what we had hoped, and hasn't been play tested quite enough, but we hope you enjoy never the less!

Gamepad – Left Stick to move, Right Stick to aim, Right Trigger to shoot. Press Left Trigger or A button to interact, hold down Left Trigger or A button to repair.
Keyboard – WASD to Move, Mouse to Aim, Left-click to shoot. Right-click to interact, hold down right mouse button to repair.
(Note: This game also supports various European keyboard layouts such as ESDF, ZASD and ZQSD)

The creature will avoid light, so try and keep the lights on in a few rooms nearby. Too many lights will drain the ships power, so turn them off as you go if you have time. The gun is a useful tool for disabling the creature for a few seconds, but don't hang around! Try to plan your route by checking where the light switches are and if they need repairing or not. Keep an eye on the course at the top of the screen, if you don't go to the main navigation computer to correct it, then you'll be lost in deep space forever.

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