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Rift Knight was made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare game jam, and was originally released in August 2014. It's a fast paced arcade platformer. You play an inter-dimensional knight with triple-jump abilities and overpowered attacks. The story is quite light, basically just have some fun punching things in the face and smashing stuff.

This game was made for Ludum Dare 30, and the theme was Connected Worlds. This was a solo game jam effort, not one we did in a team, so the time pressure meant the theme was incorporated very loosely. The main focus was making the jumping and dash attacks feel fun, and that all turned out really well. The downside is you have to put up with that programmer art!

Keyboard – Arrows to move left and right, up arrow to jump. Spacebar is attack. Hold a direction and press spacebar to perform different attack types.
Gamepad – Left stick to move and A button to jump. X button is attack. Hold a direction and press X to perform different attack types.

Don't forget that you can triple-jump and also dash upwards, this means you can be very mobile and get to those hard to reach places. Your triple-jump resets whenever you land or cling to a wall, so it should be available most of the time. You can also dash sideways in mid-air, which helps get pas hazards. Sometimes things just get a bit crazy though and you'll have to rely on your reactions.

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Published32 days ago
AuthorSecond Dimension Games
TagsController, Fast-Paced, ludum-dare
Player countSingleplayer

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