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This game was made during January 2020 for the Finally Finish Something jam.   It is a  simple puzzle game about crossing bridges in the right order

This was a small idea I had while after playing a wooden version of this puzzle in a forest (that is a true story).  I wanted to finish a very simple version of it, so used the Finally Finish Something jam as an excuse to finish it off.  The rhino/smashing combination was a random suggestion that I integrated in so it wasn;t just an abstract game about squares crossing other squares.

Controls are very simple, just click somewhere on the map and the rhino will move there.   You just need to cross each bridge once.  The starting position is quite important, as choosing the wrong spot might mean you can't complete the puzzle.  You can restart the level at any time without a penalty, and all the levels are definitely possible to complete!

James Edge
Art, Design
& Animation
Sound & Music

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorSecond Dimension Games
Made withConstruct
Tagsbridge, click, ffsjam, Pixel Art, tile


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Love the clean style and game plays well. Good stuff.

Nice work, the gameplay's really intuitive and the art style's really fun!

Very cool. Nice work :)

have you heard about before? ;)

No, never heard of them, definitely didn't use that exact maths problem as the entire basis of my game!

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Obviously I'm lying 😋

I came across that wiki page while looking into this puzzle mechanic. It was a useful way to make sure the levels were all possible to complete.

graph problems make interesting mechanics ^^, fun game though :)

This is such a compelling concept! I love it :D