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Territory is an browser-based action/arcade game that draws influences from Snake, Qix, Cannon Fodder and Advance Wars. 

This game was made for the Finally Finish Something game jam 2019. I've had the idea for this game rattling around inside my head for a long while, and I thought it would be much simpler to create than it was! As a jam game there will no doubt be a few bugs but I'm happy that we managed to get the game out of my head at least.

KEYBOARD - Use the Arrow Keys or WSAD to Move, and Space Bar to fire
MOUSE – For the menus

James Edge Adam
Art & Animation

Sound & Music

Design & Gameplay

Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorSecond Dimension Games
Made withGIMP, Construct
Tags2D, Arcade, Destruction, Explosions, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer, Tanks, War
Average sessionA few minutes


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Son of a biscuit this is truly beautiful game I adore this art style!

oh my muffins I Love it!


Ah I am so gutted I forgot to join FFS 2019, I will be sure to join next year - nice little game, high quality as usual!


Nice idea, glad that you're "finally finished" this project. Could be very addictive in mobile or handheld consoles. Also you might think of adding some kind of narration that'll build atmosphere and distracting the player a little bit :)


I managed to get to the first of the green islands. It was definitely challenging that the tank continiously moved around and you can only change the direction. I got the impression that the tanks would also fire back in the later levels, glad I didn't make it that far ;-).