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The Abstract Candy Saga was made in 1 week for the Candy Jam, and was originally released in February 2014. You take control of a struggling indie game in a traditional top-down shooter. You need to fight off the evil corporate drones by blocking them with trademark law and assistance from the twittersphere.

Some say this game was made for the Candy Jam, which was started as a reaction to reported shady business practices of King, who have copyrighted the word "Candy" in Europe, despite them allegedly stealing all their own game ideas from smaller developers. But we say that this game has absolutely nothing to do with, the 'King' enemies do not represent them or their affiliates. This game also has nothing to with the news stories about them trademarking common words. We just entered this Jam because we like the word candy.

WASD or Arrows to Move, Mouse to Aim, Left-Click to shoot.
Press Right Mouse to enter or Exit Build Mode. When in build mode left-click to place barriers

Use your build mode to create barricades as much as you can, and don't forget to top-up your build and weapon ammo. Shooting the little twitter icons creates a turret which fights for you, so try getting one of these on your side then building some barricades nearby.

Gameplay, Graphics,
Sound & Music

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