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Tiny Alien Invader was made in 12 hours for the Low Rez Jam, and was originally released in May 2014. It's a platformer where you get to play as the bad guy. You control a tiny one-alien army intent on wiping out the human fleet. You spend your time finding and boarding human spaceships, and then destroying them from the inside.

The Low Rez jam was a challenge to make a game with a native resolution of 32x32, which is ridiculously small by modern standard (about 2.5 times the size of your mouse cursor!). It seemed like a fun challenge, especially to get any character out of the tiny animations.

Press X to start the game. Use the arrows to move your ship and then press X to attack a bigger ship when you find one. When you're aboard a ship, use arrows to move and X to shoot. Hold Z and then press a direction arrow to teleport.

When you first start out, there is a small red dot pointing in the direction of the nearest ship. Fly close to a ship and press X to board it. Once on board try to stay out of sight and then teleport behind an astronaut when they are facing the other way, then X to zap them.

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