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Toy Box Metropolis was made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare game jam, and was originally released in December 2016. It's miniature city building game, set on the floor of a child's bedroom. There are some very light strategy elements, but mainly this is a game about building and upgrading a fun little toy city.

This game was made for Ludum Dare 37, and the theme was One Room. We were keen on the idea of toys in a child's bedroom, as we really wanted to do something a little different for this Ludum Dare. We planned to avoid,combat this time round, and went for a city builder as it's a genre we like but have never tried before. Trying a new genre was challenging, and the game is not perfect, but we were happy with the look off the little cities you could build. It turned into more of a toy than a strategy game, but not too bad for a first attempt.

All of the game is controlled with the Mouse. Use left click to select, place and upgrade tiles. Hold the right button to drag the camera around. Pressing the middle button cancels the current action.
Pro Tip: the number keys 1-4 are shortcuts for the different build mode.

The strategy side is quite simple, each building give you your city plus and minus scores in each category. You have to make sure you are beating all your objective scores at the end of the 10th turn. Don't forget to upgrade the buildings, as this gives you better scores and some fun animations. Roads are just there to make your city look cool, they have no effect on the score.

James Edge Adam
Art, Design
& Animation
Sound & Music
Art, Design


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Simple and relaxing game to play for a few minutes, well done!

Thanks for playing!



Thank you!


This is a neat little game, simple and relaxing. Well done!


Thanks for playing, we're still really pleased with it a year later :)


cool :3

Thank you :)


beautiful :)

Thanks, I wasn't sure about it at the time, but looking back on it I really like it