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make it able to undo

What an beautiful game, I absolutely adore the graphics and music, good job guys. :)

It's quite fun. but the way we upgrade building can be improved a bit more. Now if I want to upgrade a building multiple times, I need to move the mouse to up-right corner and back to center to upgrade building. It would be better if I can click multiple times without move the mouse to up-right corner :).

How do you upgrade buildings

You just build on top of them again and it builds the next upgrade. It was all made in a weekend so is pretty simplistic really

I noticed that the more of the respective building increases, that stat increased, I don't know if sectoring affects any stats because that's what I always do

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It's fun and the illustration looks so cute!

Love it!

Can you undo something? For example, if I place a road on the wrong do I get rid of it?


Hey, no sorry you can't . We made this for a competition over a weekend so there's a few features like that missing.

The font color on a pink background is a problem. I have to squint or go full screen to be able to read anything.

is there a way to undo the road?

I'm afraid there isn't, not something we got round to in the competition time limit


Guys can I turn the music  off??? please tell me that iI can!!!!

Hey, if you press the P button in game then it brings up the menu, there's an option to mute the sound in there

thank you


Guys thanks so much for such a wonderful game, really usuful

Thanks, glad you're enjoying it


great engine this that could be used for building other games.

It's actually one hell of mess behind the scenes,  only just holds together!



I just found all your games and I am playing through them. You guys are geniuses…some brilliant ideas you have.


For a game that was made in 72 hours this is really good. I really like the art style and the music. It also helped to pass the time in quarantine!

Thanks, that's really nice to hear

No problem. Keep doing what you're doing, it's great!


Is it possible to save your work?

Sorry no it isn't possible. it was thrown together for a game jam so it doesn't have any saving. 


I actually used this game for a project idea in school! Got an A and everyone loved it (plus it was super fun to make)!! Great job!! :D

Hey that's great, glad you liked it!


what game engne you use???

Hey, we used Construct to make this one

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thanks guys by the way really like your games!


I really like the game!

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Simple and relaxing game to play for a few minutes, well done!


Thanks for playing!




Thank you!


This is a neat little game, simple and relaxing. Well done!


Thanks for playing, we're still really pleased with it a year later :)


cool :3


Thank you :)


beautiful :)


Thanks, I wasn't sure about it at the time, but looking back on it I really like it