A small 64x64 action game I made for Low Rez Jam.

I'm not going to lie to you, I didn't have the time to make this particularly interesting (I was doing Ludum Dare at the same time). The idea is to collect a key, which unlocks a temple, meaning you can get the treasure and win. I am embarrassed at how videogamey this is and I apologise unreservedly.

My main aim with this was to get pathfinding working, as I haven't been very good at implementing this in the past, I think I did OK on that front, the player and the enemies both do what you'd expect, so I'd call that a win!

I hope you enjoy it, the most fun I had play testing it was setting all the trees on fire with my special attack, I like trees, so I'm not sure why I made a game about burning them, answers on a postcard please.

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Published189 days ago
AuthorSecond Dimension Games
Tagslowrezjam, Ludum Dare 35
Player countSingleplayer

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