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Self Golf was made in 48hrs for the Ludum Dare game jam, and was originally released in April 2018. It's a platforming golf game where you are the ball, and the only way to get into the whole is to hit yourself with a golf club. 

The theme for this Ludum Dare was 'Combine Two Incompatible Genres'.  Due to scheduling conflicts I made this one on my own, without the rest of the team .  This is why this has more of a 'developer art' feel to it.  At the start of the jam I had a thought which made me smile, which was the idea of trying to play golf if you were the golf ball.  From this I came up with a plan about making a platformer where  jumping was only possible by using the golf club.  The result is closer to a golf game than a platformer, but I'm pleased with how it plays and I think it fulfilled the theme of the game jam pretty well.

All the actual gameplay is controlled with the mouse.  To use the standard platforming movement to the left and right, just hold down the left mouse button and you'll walk towards the cursor.  To jump or get over obstacles, you will need to take a shot with teh golf club.  To do this just hold down the right mouse button, when you let go you will jump in the direction of the cursor.  Click the right mouse button for a small jump, or hold the button down for a  morepowerful shot

The idea of the game is based around the rules of normal golf - get the ball into the hole in as few shots as possible.  There is a local high score table if you want to try and beat your best rounds.

Don't forget you can press P to pause and F for fullscreen.


  Gameplay, Art
Sound & Music

Published 66 days ago
AuthorSecond Dimension Games
GenrePlatformer, Sports
Made withConstruct
Tagsgolf, ld48, ldjam, Ludum Dare 41
LinksLudum Dare


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Great little game worth playing! Took a minute to figure out a good technique though. 

Got -15 on my first attempt ever and -32 with my second attempt, how the hell did i just do this.
While entering my Username i clicked Backspace to change my name in the Leaderboards and my Browser skipped to the previous page. FML

( Still got a Picture on my Phone tho, hah !)

Cool game :) !

thats a nice game there, theres should be more level or special level with more chalenge. its my first try, maybe it will helps in the next update

I thought this would be a relaxing game today...I hate you. I mean, the game is really fun and cool but I got like +25 par or some crap like that. Why  must this parallel my real life golf skills!

Hey thanks for the video! It's easier if you use the platformer side-to-side movement wherever you can.  Some courses are designed to upset you though :)

No ability to look at hte whole course means this is just a memorization game.

Yeah sorry, I made in in 48hrs for ludum dare, so didn't get time for a free look mode

yeah! top of the leaderboard with -15

Nice! If you want a challenge then I think the best score it's possible to get is -32

what is that, all hole in ones?

i would never be able to do that, but i can definitely improve. Thanks for the reply, and i will keep trying.

almost got an average of 1 under par on all of them, but on the last one i got par. and i got -15 again.

hey.. nice game :). does anyone else has the problem, that one gets kicked back to game browsing when trying to enter a highscore name?

Thanks for letting me know this, will have to investigate

This Game was Awesome

Glad you had fun!


I think the ones with a bit more fun or action are probably these:




Wow, you have made so many games and all of them are amazing no less!!!


Haha thanks, but pretty sure they're not all amazing... you should see the ones I don't upload!

Well I don't know about the ones you haven't uploaded, but the ones you have uploaded really are. My favorite is this one.


Great job, I never get tired of golf games.